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Feel Festival With Christmas Costume And Contact Lenses Combos!

Feel Festival With Christmas Costume And Contact Lenses Combos!

The holiday season is almost upon us and you know what that means…PARTIES! Instead of trotting out the same old cocktail frocks, smart shirts or ugly Christmas sweaters, why not consider completing your Christmas look with a pair of our colored contact lenses? Our selection of non-prescription cosmetic lenses will have something to suit your festive fancies. With such a wide range to choose from, we are sure you can get creative and make even the scariest and creepiest lenses work for you during the Christmas months. If you’re completely stuck on Christmas costume ideas, then allow us to point you within the direction of some fun contact lenses to assist with some inspiration.

Keep With the Christmas Tradition
Everyone loves the traditional Christmas colors of red, green, gold and white! With a pair of colored contact lenses, you can bring plenty of Christmas costume ideas to life! You can truly get creative with different contact lens colors and styles, and find one which works for you. Here are a few of our Christmas costume ideas that focus around the festive colors of the season:

If you want an ethereal angel-look this Christmas, you can utilize some of our orange and yellow lenses to create a golden effect. With a load of corresponding makeup and accessories, you'll shine during a golden angel outfit with glistening fiery eyes to match.

If you’re still struggling to seek out a replacement thanks to reusing your Red Halloween contact lenses, we've many Christmas costume ideas ready for you. You could pair the Red lenses with a pair of White Halloween contacts for a multi-colored jazzy candy cane effect!
It doesn't get Greener than the Grinch! We have plenty of green-colored lenses if you're planning to dress as the iconic Dr. Seuss character!

With our range of cheap and affordable lenses, it is possible to mix and match ideas and styles. Why only pick one festive Christmas color when you can mix, match and experiment. Go wild and experiment with our various colors and styles. There are no color rules when it comes to Christmas lights and baubles so go wild and try something new over the Christmas months!

Add a Little Sparkle

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a touch sparkle here and there. Our range boasts plenty of Glimmer lenses that should add that little something extra to your Christmas cheer. The colors in the Glimmer style include Green, Brown and Silver which will bring a whole new finish to your look. With tinsels, lights and stars everywhere, you’ll need this little extra something to make your makeup stand out.

As well as being an integral part of a Christmas costume idea, these lenses would make a perfect addition to any glamorous Christmas night out. The shimmering colored part of the lens will perfectly match some sparkling festive makeup and a full metallic or sequin dress. If you want to be the center of attention at this year’s festivities, you can’t go far wrong with a pair of shiny Glimmer style lenses!

Polar Light Is Certainly On the Nice List
Our range of blue colored lenses will certainly help bring some frosty characters to life. If you would like to channel your inner ice queen, or unleash the famous Jack Frost then blue is certainly right for you. Some of the simple blue shades such as the Blue Sapphire One Tone or the Blue One Tone colored lenses can truly produce a steely stare.

If your Christmas costume ideas lead you to become a cold-hearted ice queen, you could pair the Blue Manson colored contact lenses with your best 'frosted' make-up look. Use plenty of white and metallic cosmetic blue hues to bring the focus to your sharp blue peepers! An elegant dress is a must with this costume and makes sure you have plenty of snowflakes covering your entire outfit. It’s certainly an ice-cool way to spend Christmas!

The possibilities are endless! Get in the festive spirit and make our impressive range of colored contact lenses work with your perfect Christmas costume ideas. Our lenses will make your outfit the star on top of the tree with an impressive finishing touch.

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Can I Swim in My Colored Contact Lenses?

Can I Swim in My Colored Contact Lenses?

Can you swim with touch lenses?


We recognize we understand, you couldn't get sufficient of our colored touch lenses - and how your appearance and experience in them! Maybe you put on them only for the style replace - and maybe you wear them so that you can see more than a foot in the front of you. Either way, you love them and also you want to look excellent at the seashore or by means of the pool.

Can I put on my colored contact lenses in the pool?
We get this query all of the time. What approximately at the beach? How about if it’s not salt water. If you ask any eye doctor, you’ll get an equal answer. NO!

We are aware of it’s tempting. We understand. But, right here at Lamon Beauty, our No. 1 intention and focus is for your health and protection. And truly - don’t shower in them both. Sorry!

But WHY?
You can be wondering why. If you’re like us - you perhaps don’t precisely like to be instructed what to do ;). We promise we aren’t feeding you arbitrary rules simply to be bossy. So, we’ll tell you a little bit about why you want to keep away from watersports (and bathe) while wearing your colored touch lenses. And this is applicable to ANY contact lenses of any type.

No, remember how clear the water looks - yes, even inside the brightest blue Caribbean waters, it is the comfiest and fun natural home for an extensive type of microorganisms and bacteria. Whether it’s a swimming pool, lake, move, ocean, hot bathtub, or plain antique’ tap water.

We aren’t trying to gross you out. You come into touch with these microbes all day every day and your frame has protection mechanisms that keep you healthy and safe. Unfortunately, as secure and snug as our colored touch lenses are, they're not totally herbal. And meaning they intervene together with your body’s natural protection mechanisms.

Contact Lenses are Porous
Think of them as tiny sponges that could take in beverages. That’s practical for the sake of consolation and wearability. We want our colored touch lenses to take in enough beverages to maintain them shifting efficaciously and hold our eyes from drying out. With the assist of natural tears and in some instances drops, contact lenses keep their flexibility. However, water this is absorbed into your contact lens is trapped towards the eye. Microbes in that water can then attack the surface of the attention.

Normally, while water touches your eye’s surface, your anxious gadget alerts a reaction and you blink, pushing those microorganisms and microorganisms away, and tears help to flush them out. But, whilst you’re carrying a contact lens, the one's microbes are capable of hiding under and keep away from being evidently blinked and washed away.

Can I Swim in My Colored Contact Lenses?

Beaches, Lakes, and Swimming Pools - Oh My God!
So, here’s the thing. If you’re swimming inside the ocean, a lake, a pond, or a river, you’re probably to come back into touch with extra certainly going on microorganisms which could cause eye infections.

If you spend your summer within the pool and funky evenings inside the jacuzzi, you’ll discover chemical compounds that create extra inflammation in the eye, which allows microbes even greater opportunity to contaminate.

Acanthamoeba is a microorganism observed even in handled and filtered faucet water (ahem… your shower).

Other Issues
So, maybe you get away the microorganisms and bacteria found in faucet water to your shower, chlorinated water, and at the beach. There are different very legitimate reasons to avoid wearing your touch lenses to swim or bathe.

Water reasons touch lenses to swell, making them much less snug on the eye. Water can also wash away your natural tear movie, that's lubricating and enables preserve your eyes feeling so dry.

Chemicals in swimming pools can purpose the tissue of your eye to come to be red, swollen, and infected. Salt in ocean water can worsen the surface of your eye. And there's also the danger of losing your contact lenses even as swimming or showering.

What If I Want to Do it Anyway?
We strongly advocate you completely chorus from sporting contact lenses of any kind whilst swimming. If you are decided to do it anyway, and willing to take the risk, we notably advocate you wear every day disposable and throw them away right now after swimming.

If you revel in poor consequences after swimming in your contact lenses, together with redness, pain, inflammation, light sensitivity, uncommon discharge, or blurred imaginative and prescient, throw the lenses away right now.

If those symptoms final a number of hours, get in contact together with your eye health practitioner proper away. And very own up to swimming to your contact lenses, in order that they know the way to offer help.

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The Best Blue Gray Colored Contact Lenses Revealed!

The Best Blue Gray Colored Contact Lenses Revealed!

Making a statement with colored contact lenses has never been easier in. After all, a decade ago people had very few options to choose from when it came to changing their eye color, then fast forward a few years to now and there are more shades to consider than we ever thought possible! If you’re in the mood to really transform your look this season, why not opt for blue-gray eyes?

Here are our top five picks for the best-colored contact lenses in this shade:

The Best Blue Gray Colored Contact Lenses Revealed!

Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo For A Youthful Look - This color from BLUE CONTACTS with no limbal ring and has a blend of several tones to achieve a truly one of a kind style. Blue, gray, and even hints of gold and green come together in an interesting pattern, and since they don’t have a limbal ring, they look incredibly natural. Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo brightens your eyes with an eye color that looks like you were born with it while still being mysterious.



Stay Natural with Solotica Hidrocor Rio Ipanema - The waters of Brazil are a sight to behold, and having an eye color that’s similar in tone is the envy of many around the world. Now you can have this blue-gray tone with Ipanema by Polar Lights Blue Color Contacts. A blend of shades creates a multidimensional look that’s perfect for naturally light or dark eyes. Hints of yellow peek through to lighten up even deep brown eyes, and the multitude of colors makes this a great choice for anyone’s complexion.


A Darker Quartzo From Solotica Natural Colors - One of our best sellers, Quartzo gives you blue-gray eyes with ease, but sometimes people want this look in a bit of a darker option. The Clear Colors Collection by Solotica presents its own Quartzo version, one that’s patterned with a defined limbal ring for a boost of youthful exuberance. Blue and gray are contrasted beautifully by the yellow tones around the pupil, allowing this option to enhance your natural beauty.



Sail Away With Bella Glow Navy Gray - Definitely more on the darker side of things, Navy Gray by Dream Contact Lenses is a deep and rich lens for when you want to look your best. Quite possibly the perfect blend of dark blue and gray, it provides consistent color across the entire lens with a hint of a pattern around the limbal ring. These lenses are incredible for going out on the town, especially if you’re looking to make a lasting impression.


One of the biggest trends in colored contact lenses is the combination of blue and gray to develop some beautiful styles, so why not give this color a try? Check out the five options above at lens.me and get ready for affordable lenses with fast shipping!

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How To Insert Colored Contact Lenses?

How To Insert Colored Contact Lenses?

Putting in your contact lenses for the first time may seem like a scary process, but trust us when we say it couldn’t be simpler. Though you may have a slight amount of difficulty putting in your colored contacts the first few times, you’ll soon get into the habit. It just takes a little bit of patience for the first few times!

Before you get started popping in your contact lenses, make sure you have the following:

A contact lens case.
A bottle of contact lens solution.
We strongly recommend that you soak your contact lenses in the solution for at least two hours before putting them into your eyes for the first time. This will both help protect your eyes and allow the contact lenses to slip into place much more easily. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to get started!

Take Out Your Lens – After thoroughly washing and drying your hands, lift the contact lens out of its case. It is recommended that you pick up the lens with the index finger of your dominant hand. Ensure that the lens sits on your fingertip the right way round – with it curving outwards. (It can sometimes be difficult to tell if a lens is inside out or not, so be sure to inspect it before placing it in your eye.)

Lower Your Eyelid – With your other hand, hold your eye open. The best way to do this is to the pull-down your eyelid with your index finger, being sure to hold your lashes down as well. If not, your lens is very likely to get caught up in your lashes – which isn’t ideal!

Place The Contact In Your Eye – Look upwards with your eye, exposing the white, and gently insert the contact lens. You are likely to feel a strong urge to blink when doing this the first few times – which is completely natural – but try to avoid doing so. If the contact lens isn’t in properly, you should know immediately, with it more than likely coming out when you blink.

Allow The Lens To Settle – Finally, hold your eye closed for a few seconds to allow the lens to settle in. After this, check in the mirror to see if it’s gone in properly. If it has, then congrats! You’ve done it!

Repeat With The Other Eye – After this, repeat the process in your other eye. Once that’s done, you’re finished! Go out there and rock your new look!

If the process doesn’t go well, or you find yourself struggling to put the contacts in, be willing to take a break in order to avoid irritating your eyes too much. Also, remember to reapply some contact solution to them if you feel like they’ve dried out while you’ve tried to put them in!

Try not to get frustrated if you can’t get the hang of the process straight away. It’s always worth paying a visit to an optician if you’re having too much trouble – as we’re sure they’d be happy to help you out. An optician should also be visited if you notice anything unusual when putting your lenses in. The health of your eyes is the most important thing!

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5 Effective Ways to Ensure Colored Contacts Safety(2019)

5 Effective Ways to Ensure Colored Contacts Safety(2019)

5 Effective Ways to Ensure Colored Contacts Safety(2019)

Wearing coloured contact lenses should be a fun and creative experience, but eye health and safety should always be of paramount importance! Ocular health should always be taken seriously, as mishaps can happen when lenses are not cleaned and maintained properly.

Before you even consider purchasing coloured contact lenses, you should consult an optician or eye health specialist to make sure your eyes are suitable for wearing contacts. Not all eyes are the same as eye shape and possible conditions can affect your ability to wear lenses. It is especially important to consult medical advice if you are intending to wear cosmetic lenses for a prolonged amount of time.
People suffering from the following should not wear our coloured contact lenses, as these eye conditions may be further irritated by inserting lenses:

Any eye infections (Such as Conjunctivitis)
Any corneal conditions (Such as Keratitis)
Any allergic eye conditions (Such as Hayfever)
Any chronic disease of the eye (Such as Glaucoma)
Once you have the lenses, you should make sure you understand all the ins and outs of cleaning and maintenance. Make sure you have all the know-how on inserting and removing lenses before you wear! Here are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to coloured contact lens safety.

ttdeye clear sky color contacts for sale

DO consult your optician or eye doctor before wearing/purchasing a pair of our lenses
DO wash and dry your hands whenever you handle your lenses or attempt insertion/removal
DO soak your lenses for two hours in solution prior to inserting them into your eye
DO wash your lenses in the solution if they touch anything besides your eyes
DO keep your lenses case clean and regularly change the eye care solution
DO remove the contacts before you go to sleep, bathe, shower or partake in water sports
DO remove the lenses if you feel any unexpected irritation, soreness or notice redness or excessive eye-watering.
DO seek medical advice if you notice any of the conditions mentioned above.
DO NOT use lenses after the recommended duration (E.g. 1 day, 90 days, 1 year)
DO NOT use tap water, saliva or household product to clean the lenses, only the eye care solution
DO NOT let the contacts come into contact with any cosmetic products i.e. makeup, deodorants, hair sprays
DO NOT attempt to insert lenses that seem damaged, broken or torn or in any way compromised
DO NOT insert more than one pair of lenses into your eye at one time
DO NOT share lenses with another person
Any uncertainties or concerns when using contact lenses should be discussed with an eye care specialist or optician. Ensure you know all the tips and tricks before you get started with a pair of coloured contact lenses. Above all, make sure you DO have fun wearing our coloured contact lenses.

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