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Reddish Dream Colored Contact Lenses

$25.99 USD
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  • Applicable to all people!

    Reddish Dream Colored Contacts are mainly designed for cosplayers. Mysterious, horrible, gruesome, screaming, killing, escaping... a trembling Waltz comes out. The hissing sound from a blade through the ground makes hands shaking.

    5 Smart Features of Reddish Dream Contacts

    1. The advanced sandwich embed coloring process ensures our eyes safe and healthy. Using this tech, we divided trends target reddish dream red contacts into 3 layers, which prevent pigment layer contact cornea directly, keep our eyes easy and lenses bright

    2. Unique UV protection function, which isolates the ultraviolet light effectively and giving our eyes more protection.

    3. Smooth edge design of reddish dream red colored contacts offers you comfortable feeling. According to people's real pupil, we design delicate figures of cyan contact lenses, which ensure our eyes natural and clear, without any foreign body sensation.

    4. First-class non-ionic raw material can against stains protein of reddish dream red colored contacts effectually and keep your eyes moist all day long.

    5. Yearly usage. First-class materials preserve reddish dream contact lenses moisture a whole year.


      Water content: 40%
      Thickness: 0.08mm
      Texture: Polymacon
      Base curve: 8.5mm
      Diameter: 14.5mm

      Period of use: 12 months
      Packaging: 1 Pair (2 lenses)

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